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Daily Narrows Workshop

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The Zion narrows are a world-class photography destination for photographers around the globe.  Colors, textures, lines and the iconic “glowing light” in the narrows combine to create potentially award winning landscape photographs.  Capturing this caliber of image can be challenging for two reasons.  One, knowing where the best light in the narrows will be, at the right time of the day, during the right time of the year.  The second issue is that many people will be challenged by working with the unique lighting situations that are found in the narrows.



Professional photographer Seth Hamel has created the guided narrows photography experience in order to address both of these issues.  Tracking the light weekly in the narrows, Seth is dialed in on where the light is throughout the year.  This trip is appropriate for a first-time camera user, all the way to full-time landscape photographers.  All clients will be led to the very best light in the narrows.  For those desiring instruction, photographing the narrows is the perfect opportunity to learn how to how to maximize the potential of your camera, learn properties of light and understand rules of composition.  This instruction will forever change your photography, as the topics learned throughout the day will apply to all of your future photography endeavors.



IMPORTANT NOTE:  Due to regulations instilled by Zion National Park, guiding into the “Wall Street” section of the Narrows is not permitted for any commercial guiding.  While on this trip we must turn around at Orderville junction, which is the beginning of wall street.  Clients are not allowed to continue into wall street on their own.  


 One Person – $319        Two +  $219 per person


Max 5 Participants



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